Join the Rescue Earth System

You need to join the Rescue Earth System to gain access to the RESCUE Exchange & the Regenerative Systems Design Course (RSD Course).

The current cost of joining is R100 once-off.

RESCUE Exchange membership also includes access to #Volunteer4SAPermablitz and Equity Pact. #Volunteer4SA, RegenCAN, Permablitz, SOLhelp and Equity Pact are all initiatives of the Rescue Earth South Africa. The Rescue Earth System is both ecocentric and sociocentric — it is a movement that is designed to help people and the planet.

The Rescue Earth Sustainability Credit Exchange (RESCUE Exchange) is a highly secure transaction platform based on banking software. It is also a dynamic searchable geo-directory of volunteer projects, donors, businesses and volunteers.

The RSD Course caters for all levels of interest, education, cultural background, etc. from home gardeners to off-grid homesteaders to farmers and businesses to regenerative development consultants and community leaders.

The first modules of the Regenerative Systems Design Course are live!

Go to the  Regenerative Systems Design Course website for more information.